About the Computational Intelligence Lab

The Computational Intelligence Lab (CI-Lab) provides data and analytic capabilities for research and collaboration within the Seidenberg School and among the schools at Pace University. As a centralized source for computing resources, data, programming, modeling, and quantitative skills, the CI-Lab offers computational and analytical services to subject matter experts throughout the University. This team effort can lead to advances in solving new problems, or solving old problems in new ways, and maximizes the use of computational resources. Moreover, the CI-Lab provides Pace University a venue for demonstrating its leading-edge analytics and technology externally through the periodic hosting of workshops and programs.

CI-Lab builds upon two closely related pillars: artificial intelligence and data science. Although often used interchangeably, the two are not the same. Broadly speaking, data science encompasses a holistic procedure of data acquisition, cleaning, and transformation leading to data analysis and predictive modeling. AI focuses on the application of computer algorithms to perform autonomous actions, and on the development of intelligent systems.

Resources at the Lab

 If you are working with large data and need computational power you can access the CI-Lab servers.  The CI Lab has two servers that currently run Jupyter Hub and RStudio.    Please note you must access it from an on-campus computer or logged in via VPN.

Faculty working with students at the Computational Intelligence Lab